The Life Of William 


Copywriter. Dog-dad. Meme enthusiast.


From Philadelphia. Currently working in New York City for Merkley + Partners


Graduate of Syracuse University. Here, I learned about concepting, copywriting, and how to walk through multiple feet of snow.


Big sports fan. Despite being from Philadelphia, I'm big New York Giants Fan. It’s been a rough few seasons, but I’d say the Giants are still better than the Eagles.


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Creative Philosophy 

Prove Others Wrong – I'm a dyslexic copywriter. So, I know not everyone’s going to believe in me. That’s fine. My 10th grade teacher told me I was a bad writer, but look where I am now. Moral of the story, if someone tells you you're not good enough, do more to prove them wrong.


Ideas and Words Words are only as strong as the idea behind them. A well written sentence is useless with a boring idea. The opposite also holds true. A brilliant idea is worthless when communicated poorly.

Be Prolific –  Ideate, create, and then ideate some more.. The more ideas that you have, the more likely that some of them will be good. Some might even be great.


The Element of Surprise – Every time I present work the goal is to surprise. If I can surprise a person or client with an idea, then we’re already halfway there. 


Many Solves to a Single Problem  Every brief has problem. Find as many ways to solve it as possible. You never know where you’'ll get.

Push – You can find your campaign in your 5th idea or your 105th idea. You never know when you’ll get there so always push. 

Sell – A good idea might not always be so apparent. (Imagine trying to convince IHOP to change their name to IHOB).

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