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We’ve all been there: Awake at 3 a.m., staring at the ceiling, wondering how we’ll ever retire, pondering life’s deepest financial questions. Like what the heck even is annuity? (Bank wizardry? Something completely made up? Honestly, who knows.)

At MassMutual we call this phenomenon 'financial related sleep loss.' While everyone has their own way of coping with it, some ways are more embarrassing than others. 


We knew this 'Hangover' style ending would leave people wanting more. So we made our dad his own TikTok and Instagram accounts where we posted his late night shenanigans. These raised awareness around the idea of losing sleep due to finances in engaging yet organic way. We then boosted these posts for added reach. 

MassMutual to the rescue

From here MassMutual did what MassMutual does best – We helped people rest easy.


We showed ourselves as the solution to financial-related-sleep-loss by dueting the dad's videos and turning them into promoted content that felt ultra-native to TikTok and IG. 

Copywriter: William Milowsky

Art Director: Cerinn Park

CD: Madeline DeWree

CD: David Cappolino

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